First part of route online

During the last few weeks, I started making a detailled planning of the route I intend to follow during my trip. The first 2 months (the non-packrafting part) are plotted on the maps below. Downloading them might take some time!
The accompanying Excel-file can be found here: PLANNING TRANSSCANDINAVIA 2012 (already includes the next three weeks all the way up to Sulitjelma). Dates in this file are a preliminary guideline.

I did not indicate summits I want to climb, but they are mentioned in the Excel-file and include Harteigen (1690m) on the Hardangervidda, Langeskavltinden (2014m) in Jotunheimen, Holatinden (2047m) in Breheimen and Snohetta (2286m) in Dovrefjell, among many others…

Any remarks and suggestions would be very much appreciated!

Next weekend I am heading south to Chile for work. I will be back in the beginning of march, so tune in again in early spring for more updates!


7 thoughts on “First part of route online

  1. Jelle Houbrechts says:

    Looks like a great trip you’re planning! I suppose you already have al the topo’s you need, if not, here is very good map to check out different areas in high detail:

    I wish you a trip of a lifetime and i hope i can do something like that in the years to come. I’ll start with a hike from svartisen to sarek this summer.


    • Jelle Houbrechts says:

      No exact dates yet but i guess it will be after the mosquito season, mid-august till mid-september. I’ll start in Mo I Rana, going north trough svartisen, east over saltfjellet, junkerdal, sarek.

      Thanks for the digital topo’s.

  2. stevekatrijn says:


    How you calculate youre intended tracking kms easily (in your xls-sheet)? If I prepare routes I use google earth to track them in, so I know distance and elevations, but it takes a hell of a lot of time to prepare.

    Any alternative methods you use?


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