Cross-country skiing in Ranafjellet/Saltfjellet

Cold and mostly sunny weather, long days and meters of snow… conditions were close to perfect when I made an 8-day cross-country skiing trip together with 4 friends last week in Ranafjellet and Saltfjellet, near the Arctic Circle in Norway. Unfortunately, auroral activity was rather low throughout the period, so I am still eagerly awaiting my first northern lights display… hopefully in september.

We started in Umbukta and hopped towards the north via the DNT-cabins Sauvasshytta, Kvitsteindalstunet, Virvasshytta, Bolna, Raudfjelldalskoia and Saltfjellstua to finally finish the trip in Lonsdal. If I find the time, I will work on a trip report during the coming weeks. This video should already give a good impression of the scenery and my horrible skiing skills though!

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