Many, many maps

“How on earth are you gonna carry all these maps???” is usualy one of the first questions I get when talking about the trip. And you are right, covering the entire route with classic 1/50000 maps would imply buying about 60 maps, that is about 7kg of paper and a spicy 1000€!

I’ll try to do it with less. Most of the maps I will carry are at 1/100000 scale and not 1/50000. I’ve used such maps before in Scandinavia and think they are sufficiently adequate in the (mostly) not too complex landscape. Publishers of such maps are Cappellen Damm Fjellkarten and Nordeca Turkarten in Norway and the Lantmäteriet Fjällkarten in Sweden. For Norway, such maps only exist for the popular trekking areas, mainly in the southern part of the country. The large gaps in between I will fill by just making prints from the (Norway) and Retkikartta (Finland) websites. I find prints are also much easier to use while packrafting.

I will carry only 3 maps and a few prints when I start my walk in Lindesness. The remainder will either be taken be friends joining me for a while or sent to post offices along my path. Maps which are of no more use will be sent home the same way.

Thanks to my sponsor Altiplano Books I can purchase my maps at a nice price 🙂

This is the complete list:
Cappelen Fjellkart CK48 Setesdalsheiene (1/100000)
Turkart Nr 2557 Hardangervidda (1/100000)
Cappelen Fjellkart CK44 Skarvheimen (1/100000)
Turkart Nr 421 Breheimen (1/100000)
Turkart Nr 73 Dovrefjell Sunndalsfjella (1/100000)
Turkart Nr 710 Dovrefjell-Knutsho (1/100000)
Turkart Nr 731 Forollhogna (1/100000)
Turkart Nr 101 (595) Sylan (1/100000)
Turkart Nr 619 Borgefjell Sor (1/50000)
Turkart Nr 621 Borgefjell Nord (1/50000)
Statens Kartverk Saltfjellkartet (1/100000)
Landmäteriets Fjällkarta BD9 Padjelanta-Sulitjelma (1/100000)
Landmäteriets Fjällkarta BD10 Sareks Nationalpark (1/100000)
Landmäteriets Fjällkarta BD7 Sitisjaure-Ritsem (1/100000)
Landmäteriets Fjällkarta BD6 Abisko-Kebnekaise-Narvik (1/100000)
Turkart Nr 599 Bardu (1/100000)


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