The last mountains of southern Norway…

Hi all!

I can only use this camping computer for a short time, so this will be a short update (but finaly with some pictures!) A bit over 5 weeks into the trip now and things are going pretty smooth. After my last post, I started with a Skarvheimen crossing together with Joris. Weather was often grey during the first part, but we finished with 2 splendid days when aproaching Jotunheimen. On Skarvheimen, the snowy walk just continued and continued (and it would also continue in Jotunheimen and Breheimen with nearly 100% snow cover above 1200-1300m. After Joris went home and Elien came to join me for a month, the first days in Jotunheimen were also mostly grey, but with most rain falling during the nights. The weather improved when crossing into Breheimen, and we had a magnificent 3 days in this vast deserted mountain area. The descent through the Lundadalen down to Bismo was just pure joy. Now we just finished our Reinheimen crossing with mostly grey and rainy weather again… let’s hope it improves the coming days in Dovrefjell, the very last of the mountain areas in Southern Norway. It feels weird this part is already nearly finished.


Camp south of Knaben

Sunset at Storevatn when climbing up Setesdalsheiane

Across Setesdalsheiane

Bivouac above Kaldevatn, the lake which I crossed on foot the day before

Difficult river crossing on the Southern Hardangervidda

Traving on the Southern Hardangervidda

Sunset from Hallingshaugen with a mighty view on Hardangerjokulen

Dull day in Skarvheimen

Nice evening in the Fodalen valley in central Skarvheimen

On the summit of Suletind with a first mighty view on Hurrungane in Jotunheimen

Sunset on the Filefjell

First camp in Jotunheimen in Koldedalen

Vetle Utledalen in Western Jotunheimen

Crossing into Breheimen

Evening in wonderful Lundadalen

Across the vast plateaus of Reinheimen


7 thoughts on “The last mountains of southern Norway…

  1. Indra says:

    Hallo Elien en Willem! Mooie landschapsfoto’s! Hopelijk niet te veel knieproblemen en geniet er nog van!
    Groeten, Indra

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