Live tracking

The map below shows my progress. It should be updated automatically every day at midnight (stating 2nd of june), but if you want to be sure you can check my last position here.

17 thoughts on “Live tracking

  1. AJ says:

    I’ve also done a hike which looks pretty much like yours. I also remember 2 big river crosings next to Snohutten on my way to Mostol. I can image it must be very difficult to pass them now. After Mostol there were no serious crossings untill Rembesdalseter.

  2. Ola Skaansar says:

    Hi Willem. How is the snow-conditions? Is it ok to walk in the snow? many rivers?

    I hope you have a good and safe trip.

    • Willem says:

      Hi ola! I sent you a message on facebook a few days ago. Skiing should be possible from 1100m on average, bit higher by the time you are here. Most rivers are ok, i avoided some crossings by walking on the lakes

  3. AJ says:

    If you look at the distance he is traveling each day the snow can’t be that much of a problem. Especially on the Hardangervidda there is still a lot of snow.

  4. Willem says:

    For all those travelling to the region these days, here is an update on the conditions (when I passed… so a bit of difference in timing

    Setesdalsheiane: serious snowfields from 700-800m, >90% snow cover above 1100m. In the wide area of Blasjo this was rather 900m
    Hardangervidda: serious snowfields from 900-1000m, >90% snow cover above 1200-1300m. All a bit higher for the central Hardangervidda (Litlos up to Liseth).

    You can add 100-200m to these values for S-facing slopes and substract 100-200m for N-facing slopes.

  5. AJ says:

    Good luck in Jotumheimen Willem. Still a lot of snow there..

    I see you get new shoes? How did you liked your Innov8’s?

  6. Dimitri says:

    chapeau. ik ben hier de laatste maanden regelmatig komen piepen, met een gezonde mix van bewondering slash jaloezie.
    fantastische prestatie, hier kan je een leven lang op teren. nog ‘ns, petje af.

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