Some changes and announcements

I’ve been writing in english about my trip through Scandinavia for a bit over one year and a half now. It’s feels great to reach an international public – and I’m amazed every day by the amount of people actually checking out all those blogs out there and directly contacting me with all kind of questions about this trip and about Scandinavia. It also feels great to learn from them and discover new sources of information out there. Yep, all this blogging takes some time, but is ever more rewarding afterwards.

20100724, 75, laatste zonnestralen op onder meer Pic d'Ardiden (2988m) en Pic du Midi de Bigorre (2877m) vanop de Vignemale (3298m)

Because of some changes in my personal life (I changed jobs and started my own company in the meantime), I have had little time to write during the last few months, and I feel like it’s time for some changes to keep my blog running. I will try to finish my post-trip write-up during the next few months, but I’ll also start with trip reports and gear reviews which are not directly related to my trip through Scandinavia.

I’ve not spent a single day in the mountains and wilderness since I’m back from the Nordkinn, but lucky enough this that is soon going to change. Summer will bring a 4-week trip through the extremely wild and remote southern tip of Greenland. I will try to make an unprecedented autonomous solo adventure from Narsarsuaq towards Tasiusaq, crossing multiple high mountain passes and fjords (by packraft) on the way. After that I’ll spend another 10 days exploring the area between Tasermiut fjord and Cape Farewell, on a route pretty much similar to the one Joery walked a few years ago. Planning is in full flow and I would like to share some stuff on this soon! Apart from that I’ll start sharing pictures and stories on trips through the Pyrenees, Scotland, the Alps, and more I’ve made during the past 8 years.


Then finally I’m happy to announce that I will be a guest author about Scandinavia for
Op Pad, the most important outdoor magazine in Belgium and the Netherlands. I will write a short contribution (in Dutch) on my blog every few weeks, some of which will appear on their website or in the journal itself. These posts will contain general information on a wide array of topics rather than the trip reports you’re used to. It’s the first time I’ll be able to write for such a wide audience and I’m eager start this new challenge. So don’t be surprised to find a Dutch text on this page every now and then! I’m curious how such a bilingual blog will work out by the way.

For now – and at least until I’ve finished my write-up – the name and the looks of the blog will remain the same!

Hope you enjoy the new stuff!


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