6 comments on “Greenland part III: Tasermiut fjord

  1. Hi´:-) amazing Pictures from an amzing journey. Myself are born in Aappilattoq, and has done my own climbs and trekks downthere…The area are unic compared to so many other amazing Places in our World. Those types of landscapes are very insisting and demanding for using all your own ressources 100 %…and to be tough mountaineerer may include to face challenges the inviroment gives body, sences, emotions, brain and instincts…to “download” all new experiences you only can use in specific areas…the icebergs, the tide and fiordwinds, the føhn-wind, the sun and rain and the real feelings that you´re completely depended of your own will to overcome fears and even panics. Only few of you are blessed to experience such an strong nature that way you has crossed the Southern alpine area of Nunatta Kujataa – southgreenland -, and my mind smiles with you :-) Thank you so much for sharing your journeys in my bonland. Inuk Mouritzen.

  2. Hi Inuk,

    It is great to get a reponse from someone actually living in Southern Greenland, and to know that you are enjoying my posts. I have passed just a few kilometers from Aappilattoq later in my trip, and will try to write about that next week.

    I have felt great warmth and hospitality from all the people I have met in the Tasermiut area, and I thank you for that. For people like me – living in the city in western Europe – it is hard to imagine growing up and living amidst such wild and unspoilt nature, and I consider myself privilidged to have seen and felt so many wonderful places and the way the people in Greenland have adapted to this extraordinary but harsh environment.

    Thanks, and take care of your extraordinary country,

  3. The scenery is stunning, no doubt this is an awesome achievement on your part. Glad to see the Cricket still going strong. Are you still using the same camera as the last trip?

  4. Hi Roger, thanks for your comment. Yep, Cricket is still doing fine, although the conditions in Greenland were sometimes on the limit. I will try to write a line on that after I have finished my report.
    I used an Olympus PEN EPL3, but finally started taking pictures in .RAW, with some postprocessing in Adobe Lightroom after the trip. I hope you like the result :-)

    • The pictures are excellent, and post processing is always an enjoyable if somewhat time consuming process in my view. Looking forward to more.

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