10 comments on “Greenland part IV: a loop into Cape Farewell Country

  1. “Prachtig! Hier hoop ik me toch ook ooit eens naartoe te trekken!”


    Willem, superb trip AND superb writing.

    Per usual, I created a thread on BPL (Post trip reports)

  2. Wonderful report! Great pictures and nicely written! Curious as to what heat source is used by inhabitants in areas such as Tasiusaq?

    • Hi George, glad you enjoy the reading. I apologize for any incorrect english ;-)
      Good question about the heating, but unfortunately I cannot give you a real answer. In the school building there was an electric heater. Maybe someone else knows more about this?

  3. Hello Willem, I just want to have a advice about your tent. I’m about to buy a MLD and want to know why you choose a Cricket insted a Trail star or Little Star. Is the cricket perfoming well in high wind?
    Thanks for you answer and I’l waiting for your New Zealand trip report

  4. Hi Mathieu, thanks for your reply!

    I’ve long been planning on an MLD review, but never seem to find the time :-) This is what I’ve been writing on the MLD Facebook page a couple of weeks ago:

    Overall, I’ve been very happy with my shelter. Just love the overall configuration, spacious enough and a great view of the world from inside. Never had issues with rain being blown onto me from the front. But… as with any piece of gear you have to take into consideration it’s downsides as well. There are better shelters to bivy in high-wind environments. I’ve had wind gusts of up to 100km/h in it and it will hold, but in such conditions (and even a bit less) the Cricket is ballooning all over and you won’t have a good night. I nowadays always pitch it high, with a pole length of about 140-142cm and the pole gently inclined with the top facing backwards. In my opinion the pitch is never as nice and tight in any other configuration, and even with a very low pitch it will be more vulnerable to the wind than with a descent high pitch (given the wind is coming from behind or from the side).

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