Halfway the traverse – and taking a break!

I’m in Hokitika right now after having hiked south for 27 consective days – it has been a great trip so far in outstanding weather conditions. The Te Araroa offered some nice sections, in particular in the southern Richmond Range and in Nelson Lakes National Park, but also a lot of valley hiking, and I was thrilled to switch to my own route through Arthurs Pass National Park, where I crossed 6 passes – most of them pretty alpine – in 2 days. West Coast travel is rough with heavy bushwhacking below 1200m, a lot of riverbed travel, and many river fordings and slips/landslides to navigate.

The weather forecast for the next few days does not look very good, however, with quite some rain, and fresh snow down to 1000m early next week. My next stretch to Erewhon involves 4 more days of rough West Coast travel, fording the Rakaia River down Whitcombe Pass (by far the largest ford of the trip, on a place where accidents have happened before in sub-optimal conditions), and the crossing of Buttler Saddle, one of the more serious passes of the trip. This all felt like a dangerous cocktail to me, which could have kept my tent- or hut-bound for several days waiting for improving conditions. It is impossible to detour around the Rakaia ford. Therefore I have decided to hitchhike to Erewhon, and rather use those days to fully enjoy the next few weeks of my trip, which should be the very best!

In a few days you should be able to view my progress again through this link (thanks Thomas!): http://parnakra.github.io/map.html






3 thoughts on “Halfway the traverse – and taking a break!

  1. kettma says:

    Hi Willem,
    it`s good to hear from you again.It sounds like you enjoy the trip in Kiwiland. The Pics are amazing!! It seems that the hike is very rough indeed. Keep carefull and enjoy the beautiful Westcoast 🙂

  2. karelsabbe says:

    Hi Willem,
    heard from your German friend who lives in Ghent that you were travelling in New Zealand at the moment. Met him in a backcountry hut near Christchurch. I know you only from using your pack list and blog of the traverse of the pyrenees when I did it a year after you did it, so that has been quite a while now, so it was funny that I heard from you trough the German guy.
    Good to see you’re having so many adventures still, your trip in New Zealand looks really nice.
    I’m here as well now, first doing the Coast to Coast race, then off to Stewart Island for hiking, then 5 passes route Routeburn and then Dusky track. Less off-track bushwalking than you because for me tracks like the Dusky, even though officially a track, are already hard enough work :-).
    I’m going to move to Ghent after this trip so maybe we should catch up with the three of us. I’m only back in September though..
    Anyway: enjoy your tramps and take care!

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