A Christmas stint in Southern France

Wonderful and exceptionally warm weather was expected over most of Western Europe as the Christmas days drew closer, and I made a late call for Southern France for 9 intense days of outdoor sports.

Most of my program is normally not possible at this time of the year because of frost, ice and snow. In the end, what I was able to do was rather the busy schedule you would expect from a wonderful summer holiday.

I started of with three intense days of biking, hiking, packrafting in the beautiful Verdon Gorge. With Philipp, I biked up and around the iconic Mont Ventoux, piercing through the morning clouds of the Provence; and we had two days of biking and paddling in the Cévennes and Gorges du Tarn.

But the absolute highlight of the trip was a 3-day trek in the Mont Pelat Range, during which I was even able to climb the 3051m summit on the 26th of december! I chased flocks of chamois, admired sunrise and sunset with the most brilliant alpenglow from the summit with views ranging all the way to Corsica and the Pyrenees, and slept at over 2900m with temperatures hardly dropping below zero. The pictures below are from this rare winter trip in summer conditions. A Christmas not easy to forget!


3 thoughts on “A Christmas stint in Southern France

  1. cityoftheweek says:

    My God this post is SO AMAZING! This must’ve been quite the adventure!
    The photos are beautiful, and I’ve also watched the video which gave me a serious case of wanderlust.. Sharing it with my followers now as a morning inspiration!
    Keep travelling, keep sharing! 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  2. tomartens says:

    Great! I thought only I was enjoying summer fun, in New-Zealand (see ‘christmas-hiking-down-under’ on my wordpress blog), but you also had your bit! It must have been great to sleep outside in midwinter. You were really lucky, you got great weather and you avoided the crowds!

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