Greenland Part V: Trekking in South Greenland

In mid-august I flew south to Narsarsuaq. After a short 3-day solo, a new strong group of hiker friends arrived for a series of 3 treks in the wildest accessible areas in South Greenland: first a 3-day hike on between massive glaciers on Mellemlandet, then a 4-day hike with often bad weather near Igaliku, and finally a long and difficult 9-day trek through some of South Greenland’s wildest valleys near Tasermiut fjord, with many kilometers of serious bushwhacking and difficult boulderfields. This last trip was blessed with incredible weather. I knew the area from my long Greenland adventure in 2013 – and still find it one of the most varied an wild places I have ever hiked.

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