Greenland 2018 – along the Disko Bay Coast

It’s been a long while since I have found the time to work on my blog – I have not been as motivated to write trip reports in recent years as I once was.

I will try to post some pictures on trips and expeditions I have made throughout the last 2 years over the next few months. For wilderness areas like Greenland, I will not add any trip descriptions or maps. Many previously undocumented spots I have included in previous reports seem to have been picked up by organisations, which gives me mixed feelings: on the one hand, I don’t want to deny other people going to these places and enjoy their splendour – on the other hand it does just not feel right that some of those unspoilt places start to appear on social media (including geotags), possibly provoking an explosion in visitor numbers.

Below, you can find a selection of pictures from a 2-month hiking and packrafting trip in Greenland I made in the summer of 2018, and consisting of 3 parts:
– Part 1: 17 days with Lien, from Qasigiannquit to Eqi Glacier, along the coast line of the Disko Bight and towards some spectacular outlet glaciers of the Ice Sheet
– Part 2: 16 days solo and in full autonomy on the Eastern Nuussuaq peninsula
– Part 3: 18 days recon and guiding on Mellemlandet en John Dahl Land in South Greenland


One thought on “Greenland 2018 – along the Disko Bay Coast

  1. naturallightgallery says:

    Hi Willem, looks lovely. I’ve been looking at the Nuussuaq peninsula area for a while for a packrafting/hiking trip since seeing it from a flight to Seattle a few years ago. I was wondering what the polar bear risk level is around there? I’ve been hiking independently in Svalbard and am not keen on having to carry a firearm and sleep with one eye open again!


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