In summer 2012 I hiked and packrafted the length of Norway, a journey of four months and 2750km. Below you can find my full trip report!

An overview of all stages is listed in this table

Lindesnes, start of a walk

Day 1-7: a false start in Southern Norway

Day 8-16: The entrance exam in Setesdalsheiane

Day 17-21: Racing across the Hardangervidda

Day 22-28: Skarvheimen, run-up to the Alpine mountains

Day 29-35: The roof of Scandinavia

Day 36-40: The Lesja fiasco

Day 41-45: Muskox spotting in Dovrefjell

Day 45-53: Into Central Norway

Day 54-57: Solo again… and into the peat

A very close call at the Skurdalsjön

Day 58-63: Skjaekerfjella, and beyond…

Day 64-70: A perfect week hiking and packrafting Børgefjell

Day 71-74: One bivouac to rule them all

Day 75-82: Across the Arctic Circle in Saltfjellet

Day 83-90: Sulitjelma, Padjelanta and Sarek: through the wild hearth of Scandinavia

Day 91-97: North along the Kungsleden

Day 98-100: Autumn beauty in Ovre Dividalen

Day 101-107: Into the endless Finnmarksvidda

Day 108-116: Racing down Finnmarks rivers towards the Barents Sea

Day 117-120: Across the barren Nordkinnhalvoya

Day 121: Reaching Nordkinn


3 thoughts on “Transscandinavia

  1. Wim says:

    Hi Willem, forgive my sin, but I finally could not resist the temptation to report your blog on (

    PS: I would not be surprised if a publisher – e.g. Cicerone or Trailblazer – would be intrested in you writing a guidebook of the trail. Of the half billion Europeans, maybe a couple of thousands are just waiting for an ultra long distance wilderness trail – and dito guidebook – like N-America already has (PCT, CDT,…)

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